Right now we don’t accept SignUp jet. We’re still working on our project to get enough restaurants on board.

What does SignUp Deals Do, we try to make every type of restaurant accessible for a wide scope of food lovers. By asking Foodlovers to give i high quality review about the restaurant we give them in exchange a Deposit to eat for free. For instance you can earn a maximum of € 1000,- Bonus. This Bonus can be used to order a nice dinner at our selected restaurants.

If you have any further question don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your Butler

What will you get:
Great discount
Chance of getting 1.200 Free dinner money
Exclusive access to the best restaurants
No reservation hastle

*no creditcard of info needed

About SignUp Deals

With SignUp Deals we have the goal to rate the quality of restaurants
Not only we would like to know if the food is 5 stars, nope we also would love to know:

If it’s easy to get to the restaurant
If the experience was more then amazing in the restaurant
How you liked the food

There for we founded SignUp Deals, when you SignUp with us, we provide you a bonus.
Not only direct access to the restaurant nope, we give you a

1.000 euro food deposit

for free so you can test all restaurants!

*no creditcard of info needed