Mr. & Mrs. Green Visit Restaurant Sidney Willoughby Run, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, because of its role in the foundation of USA, is known as the “Keystone State.” So, if fond of history and culture, you will find an abundance of landmarks depicting historical events and attractions including the Gettysburg battle sites, Valley Forge, Bell in Philadelphia etc. However, catering to all kinds of interests and tastes, the urban attractions (parks, restaurants, fashion streets etc.) spread across the state make it a popular place for travel and leisure. 

Mr. and Mrs. Green chose to visit Sidney Willoughby Restaurant, since it was their anniversary and they wanted an open area seating arrangement. The restaurant is located inside the Gettysburg National Park so it served as a perfect venue selection. Also, the weather was great which added to the ambience. 

They both ordered seared ahi tuna, 7oz gourmet burger and pulled barbecue pork sandwich. The service was quick and the waiters were courteous too. The tuna arrived first which was soft and full of flavours. The burger had a thick, juicy patty, grilled to perfection. Similarly, the sandwich was freshly made, with toasted crispy bread, creamy barbecue dressing and finely pulled flawlessly seasoned pork. They were not a fan of fine dining initially, but this restaurant changed their perception entirely. For those who love food with a view and love fine dining, Sidney is a great option. Also, you can enjoy 1000,00 worth food vouchers upon subscribing to the website by submitting your email for free!

The restaurant is located in Gettysburg, which is a small town with a blend of history. You will find cozy inns, small shops and cottages in the area, making it peaceful yet enjoyable. You can travel through the entire place using public transport by using Amtrak and Rabbit Transit. The journey starts through Amtrak and ends at Harrisburg from where Rabbit takes you directly to Gettysburg with multiple stops in between. However, it is only available at selected timings during weekdays.