Jordan & Celina Visit: Rizk Restaurant Beirut

Being the capital of Lebanon, Beirut is a thriving city with diverse experiences and a rich culture. Overlooking the Mediterranean, it boasts diverse coastal views of sandy shores and rocky beaches, keeping the weather pleasant in fall, rain free in summers and wet in winters. After Lebanese civil war between the period of 1975 and 1990, major reconstruction was done and now the city has become the hub of commercial activities, offering a great lifestyle. Known as the “Paris of East”, it is a modern tourist cultural centre of the Middle East.

Jordan and Celina, being ultimate food lovers, thought of giving the famous Rizk Basta a shot. They ordered fried chicken with salad and baked potato. The service was not so quick, but the chicken smelled amazing when it arrived. A bit greasy though, but it tasted perfect: crispy from the outside, soft and moist from the inside.  The portion was quite satisfying and offered good value for money. 

This restaurant is visited bij Jordan & Celina

Amazing Food, Lovely place, bit slow service

It was an above average experience overall and they loved recommending it especially for those who like to go for an economical meal with a hearty serving. Besides, you can get 1000,00 worth food vouchers upon subscribing to the website by submitting your email for free! 

You can either commute via taxi services and Uber or use public transport to get to Rizk Basta. Jordan and Celina used Uber because it was rather convenient. However, there are two kinds of public transport, buses and minibuses. The bus drivers are not usually quite helpful with guiding through to the destination so it is always a great idea to interact and ask your fellow commuters waiting for the bus with you. You can always use Maps for a better idea around the city and travel comfortably throughout your trip.

Food from Rizk Restaurant Beirut